Life Insurance at Age 70

So how much does life insurance cost at age 70? Well, there are several factors that play a part in the rate you pay for life insurance. The first is which type of life insurance you choose- whole life or term life. After that, the biggest factor in your life insurance cost is age. The older you are, the more life insurance costs. Other factors to consider are health issues, family health history, smoking status, occupation, hobbies,and your driving history.

Whole life insurance at age 70

If you choose a whole life insurance policy, then your premiums will be fixed and level for the rest of your life. There are many carriers that offer simplified issue life insurance policies so there is no medical exam. Burial insurance and final expense life insurance are examples of whole life policies. These are the most common types of coverage for someone at age 70. It is affordable and fairly easy to qualify for.

Term life insurance at age 70

If you want a term life insurance policy, then you should know that most carriers will only allow up to a 15 year term policy at 70 years old. That means you will have temporary life insurance coverage that will last until you are 85 years old. If you live past that age, your policy will expire and you will not be able to obtain anymore coverage.

Here are some example quotes to give you an idea of how much you might pay for life insurance at age 70. These rates are based on a preferred health rating for a non-smoker.

$25,000 Whole Life Insurance
Male: $170.11 per month
Female: $124.36 per month

$100,000 Term Life Insurance- 15 year term
Male: $1635 per year
Female: $972 per year

Get A Free Quote for Life Insurance At Age 70

These rates are meant to be examples only. If you are looking for life insurance at age 70 then be sure to compare quotes today to find out how much your rate is. You can also speak with an experienced insurance professional at 1-877-801-4402 and obtain rates over the phone or simply ask questions about the type of coverage that is best for you.

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  1. nancy hutzky says:

    My current policy has reached a place where I will have do decide if I want to stay with them with the same death benefit 50,000 and or settle for a reproposal, at that point the preinum woul go from 66.25 or go to 107.06.

    Am going to look for the original policy

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