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Compare Term Life Insurance- No Medical Exam

Compare term life insurance with no medical exam with traditional life insurance policies that require a physical. Learn the pros and cons of term life insurance with no medical exam and find out if it’s right for you.

If you are currently shopping for insurance, then you’ve probably figured out that many life insurance companies want you to go through a physical so they can evaluate your health. This typically consists of:

• A height and weight measurement
• Urinalysis (yes you have to pee in a cup)
• Blood drawn (needles!) to check cholesterol, HIV, etc.
• Blood pressure readings

A lot of people are turned off by this and want to avoid a physical, whether it’s due to time constraints, a fear of needles, or you just plain don’t want to do it. The good news is that many insurance companies have introduced a way to get a life insurance policy without a physical exam.

Pros of No Medical Exam Term Life

• No Medical Exam- just a few health questions
• Up to $500,000 of term life coverage
• No agent will call or visit you (privacy)
• Affordable rates, even for smokers
• Instant coverage, if you qualify

Cons of No Medical Exam Term Life

• There is a limit to how much coverage you can get
• You must be in general good health (no major pre-existing conditions)
• Premium is higher than if you were to take a physical

If you only need up to $500,000 worth of life insurance or you just want a little bit of additional insurance, and you are in good health, then this type of policy might be right for you.