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Diabetes Life InsuranceDiabetes Life Insurance

Many people believe that getting affordable life insurance when you have diabetes isn't possible. That couldn't be farther from the truth. There are many life insurance companies that will give diabetics a standard health rating on their life insurance policy. It all depends on how well you are managing your diabetes, as well as any other health conditions you might have.

What Companies Evaluate

Most life insurance companies will require you to do a life insurance physical so that they can check your height and weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and also your A1C values. These variables, as well as others like your age and sex, will give an underwriter a general idea of what policy you can qualify for and what rate you will pay.

Compare Rates for Life Insurance With Diabetes

It's important to choose an agent who works with multiple companies to make sure you get the best life insurance rates if you have diabetes. The difference in premiums between companies can be huge and not all life insurance companies are budget friendly for diabetes.

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