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Permanent Life InsurancePermanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance provides protection for your entire lifetime along with the ability to accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis. Unlike term insurance, a permanent life insurance policy will remain in force for as long as you continue to pay your premiums. Learn more about permanent life insurance as well as the different types of coverage.

Cash Value

An important feature of permanent insurance is the ability to earn build cash value over time. Cash values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis and can be borrowed if you need it. It is considered a loan, and you must repay it along with interest or your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit.

If you had to stop paying your policy's premiums, the accumulated cash value can be used to cover policy's premiums for a certain amount of time. If you decide to surrender your policy, the accumulated cash values can be withdrawn.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash values, and a guaranteed level premium. Another benefit of whole life insurance is dividends. Dividends are a way for the company to share its growth with the policyholders.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance allows you to allocate premiums to various investment options, depending on your risk tolderance. This type of coverage is most suitable for those who are comfortable with taking a risk in order to gain higher returns. If the investment portion of the policy performs well, you have the potential for greater cash value and a higher death benefit. It works the other way as well- if the investments perform poorly, the cash value and death benefit will decrease.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable universal Life insurance is a flexible premium, permanent life insurance policy. This type of universal life insurance allows you to allocate your premium into various investment options, depending on your risk tolerance. Many people choose this type of policy because of its flexibility because you can increase or decrease your coverage amount. You may also skip a payment and let the cash value cover the expenses of the policy. And, should an emergency arise and you are short on cash, you may be able to skip a scheduled payment and let the accumulated cash value cover the policy's expenses.