Senior Citizen Age 83 Burial Insurance Rates and Options

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Burial Insurance for a Senior Citizen at Age 83

Age 85 Life InsuranceIf you are in your early 80s and looking for burial life insurance, you might think that you have very few options to choose from. The good news is that there are many companies that specialize in life insurance for senior citizens and elderly. Burial coverage is the mostcommon for someone in their 80's. It is sometimes referred to as a final expense policy or funeral insurance.

At age 83, you are getting close to maximum age to qualify for coverage, which is 85 years old. If you do not have coverage now or if you don't have enough then this is definitely the time to explore your options and set up a policy  before it's too late. The good thing is that burial insurance is easy to apply for and it does not require a medical exam.

Some features of burial life insurance:

  • Permanent, whole life insurance
  • Available for ages 50 to 85
  • Face amounts from $3,000 to $25,000
  • Level premiums that will never increase
  • A death benefit that will never decrease
  • Your policy builds cash value over time
  • No medical exam; just answer a few health questions

If you need to set up something to protect your family from your final expenses then the first thing you should do is shop around. Rates can vary by as much as 70% from one company to another, so it definitely pays to compare. Get a free no obligation quote today and compare multiple quotes from some of  the nation's highest rated carriers.

If you prefer to receive your rates over the phone, then call 1-877-801-4402 toll free. An experieced agent will review your options for life insurance at age 83.

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Senior Citizen Age 83 Burial Insurance Rates and Options


Senior Citizen Age 83 Burial Insurance Rates and Options
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