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Where to Purchase Burial Insurance

If you need to know where to purchase burial insurance, then this article will give youWhere to Purchase Burial Insurance some insight on the differences among companies and how you can get a quote for burial insurance.

Burial insurance is meant for one’s final expenses, mainly funeral costs. These types of policies are typically simplified issue whole life. That means that there is no physical exam required, and the face values are usually between $3,000 and $30,000. The application has a set of questions (anywhere from 7 to 15 questions) about the applicant’s health history. If you can answer "no" to the questions then you can be approved for day one coverage. If you answer yes to one or more of the questions, your application will be further reviewed, and you will most likely be offered graded benefits where the face value of your policy isn't fully payable until after year two.

Burial Insurance Companies

There are multiple companies available that cater to those in the senior market looking for small final expense policies. Every company has different underwriting requirements and standards, and the rates will differ among companies as well. It is best to speak with a licensed agent so they can help you determine which company is right for your situation. A licensed agent will ask you a few questions about your health history, what prescriptions you currently take, and your height and weight to determine which company will give you the best rate.  

Health Issues and Burial Insurance

If you have health issues now or if you have had health issues in the past such as cancer, a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes, you can still qualify for an affordable policy. It all depends on the time since the health event as well as your follow up care. If you've had a recent heart attack, stroke, or cancer treatment, you might still qualify for a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. A licensed agent will be able to tell you which companies you are more likely to qualify for and what the rates are.

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost?

The cost of a burial insurance policy will depend on your age, health, and the amount of coverage you want.

Get a free no obligation quote today and compare multiple quotes from the nation's highest rated carriers. Remember that all life insurance carriers have different rates, so it pays to compare when shopping for burial insurance.